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List of heteronyms was proposed for deletion. This page is an archive of the discussion about the proposed deletion. This page is no longer live. Further comments should be made on the article's talk page rather than here so that this page is preserved as an historic record. The result of the debate was to merge the article with List of English homographs.

Non-encyclopedic; the usefulness of this is more of a lexicographic nature, and it can be done as well with less duplication of effort by using "What links here" from the Wiktionary entry on "heteronym". --Jerzy(t) 18:46, 2004 Nov 10 (UTC)

  • Keep: I don't have a particular problem with it (although I have quibbles with things like "read/read" and "lead/lead" as those are strong verbs that perform tense change by vowel change rather than ending, and with some where the words have different spellings emergent, like incense/insense and lead/led in Am. Eng.). It may not be the most efficient method, but, once we get into the "List of" business, I don't see how this can be kept out. Geogre 20:00, 10 Nov 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete: We already have a List of English homographs page which is far more complete. Nohat 20:43, 10 Nov 2004 (UTC)
  • Merge anything that's not already at List of English homographs. Not sure what's best to do with title: I think heteronym is at least as common as homograph, but the lack of "English" in this title makes it less than ideal. -- Jmabel | Talk 23:57, Nov 10, 2004 (UTC)
  • Delete. Put an end to this list mania. Sometimes lists are worth keeping, most of the time, like here, they are not. --Improv 15:02, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)
    • Keep Heteronym (words with same spelling, different pronunciation) and homograph (words with same spelling, different source/etymology) seem distinct ideas to me, although with some obvious overlap -- the articles should definitely refer to each other. The page could use some work; I think the List of homographs has a better layout, for example, and I don't like the ad-hoc pronunciation guide; but it should be allowed to develop. [[User:CatherineMunro|Catherine\talk]] 23:43, 11 Nov 2004 (UTC)
      • Actually, homograph and heteronym refer to the same thing. They both refer to words that are spelled the same but have different pronunciation. The only distinction is that heteronym only refers to one pronunciation whereas homograph refers to all the pronunciations of the same spelling. Homonym and heteronym are different. Nohat 02:11, 12 Nov 2004 (UTC)

This page is now preserved as an archive of the debate and, like other '/delete' pages is no longer 'live'. Subsequent comments on the issue, the deletion or on the decision-making process should be placed on the relevant 'live' pages. Please do not edit this page.