Canadian Monopoly

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Canadian Monopoly is an edition of the popular board game Monopoly. It features Canadian properties, railways, and utilities, rather than the original version which is based in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

The Canadian edition was originally released in 1982. An updated version was released in 2000, and another updated version was issued in 2010.

1982 edition[edit]

The properties (clockwise) span Canada from east to west, with streets in St. John's at the beginning of the circuit, with streets in Vancouver and Victoria taking over for "Boardwalk" and "Park Place." All four railways are Canadian lines, and the police officer depicted on the "Go to Jail" space is a Mountie. A beaver token is included in the player pieces.

2000 edition[edit]

The 2000 edition brought further changes from the Monopoly standard. Player pieces now include a moose, a canoe, a hockey player, and the aforementioned beaver. "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards are now called "Federal" or "Provincial"; one card depicts striking oil in Alberta and being awarded the Order of Canada. Several of the properties, railways, and utilities were reordered or changed.

2010 edition[edit]

For the 2010 edition of the game, an online contest was conducted in which participants were asked to vote for cities to be on the new board.[1] Unlike the earlier editions, properties were arranged in their final vote order, and are not in any specific geographic arrangement. In this edition of the game, there are no cities from the Maritimes, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, the Yukon and Nunavut. Hasbro said that this edition would feature updated Chance and Community Chest cards that will "highlight events and culturally relevant scenarios from Canada".[2]

1982 board layout[edit]

Canadian Monopoly game board layout
GO Duckworth Street ($60) Community Chest Signal Hill Road ($60) Income Tax (Pay 10% or $200) CN Rail ($200) Waterloo Row ($100) Chance King Street ($100) Queen Street ($120) Jail
Douglas Street ($400)    Monopoly    University Avenue ($140)
Luxury Tax (Pay $75) Telephone Company ($150)
Granville Street ($350)       Barrington Street ($140)
Chance    Spring Garden Road ($160)
BC Rail ($200) Ontario Northland ($200)
Macleod Trail ($320)       Rue St-Jean ($180)
Community Chest Community Chest
St. Albert Trail ($300)       Rue St-Catherine ($180)
Jasper Avenue ($300)       Rue St-Jacques ($200)
Go To Jail    Gas Company ($150)       CP Rail ($200)       Chance    Free Parking
Albert Street ($280) Victoria Avenue ($260) Portage and Main ($260) Bay Street ($240) Yonge Street ($220) Sussex Drive ($220)

2000 board layout[edit]

Canadian Monopoly game board layout
GO Water Street ($60) Federal Signal Hill Road ($60) Income Tax (Pay 10% or $200) Royal Canadian Pacific ($200) University Avenue ($100) Provincial Barrington Street ($100) Spring Garden Road ($120) Jail
Robson Street ($400)    Monopoly    Waterloo Row ($140)
Goods and Services Tax (Pay $75) Esso ($150)
Granville Street ($350)       King Street ($140)
Provincial    Queen Street ($160)
CPR ($200) CN Rail ($200)
Macleod Trail ($320)       Grande Allée ($180)
Federal Federal
St. Albert Trail ($300)       Rue St-Denis ($180)
Jasper Avenue ($300)       Rue Ste-Catherine ($200)
Go To Jail    Canada Post ($150)       Ontario Northland ($200)       Provincial    Free Parking
Albert Street ($280) Victoria Avenue ($260) Portage and Main ($260) Bay Street ($240) Yonge Street ($220) Sussex Drive ($220)

2010 board layout[edit]

Canadian Monopoly game board layout
GO Banff ($600K) Community Chest Beauceville ($600K) Income Tax (Pay 10% or $2M) St. John's International Airport ($2M) Vancouver ($1M) Chance Toronto ($1M) Ottawa ($1.2M) Jail
Chatham-Kent ($4M)    Monopoly    St. John's ($1.4M)
Luxury Tax (Pay $1M) Cell Phone Service ($1.5M)
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu ($3.5M)       North Bay ($1.4)
Chance    Kelowna ($1.6M)
Toronto International Airport ($2M) Vancouver International Airport ($2M)
Calgary ($3.2M)       Montreal ($1.8M)
Community Chest Community Chest
Sarnia ($3M)       Chilliwack ($1.8M)
Edmonton ($3M)       Kawartha Lakes ($2M)
Go To Jail    Internet Service ($1.5M)       Montreal International Airport ($2M)       Chance    Free Parking
Windsor ($2.8M) Quebec City ($2.6M) Trois-Rivières ($2.6M) Medicine Hat ($2.4M) Gatineau ($2.2M) Shawinigan ($2.2M)


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